The High Torque Fastener System is made up of 2 elements. The screw/bolt and a complementary sheet metal helix. The helix is created in the sheet metal with the use of a keyhole style pre pierce and pair of male and female helix formers matched to material range in use. These inserts allow the creation of a sheet metal helix that suits the High Torque screw matched to a material thickness range. The vast majority of helix forms are pierced down and formed up. In some cases due to local constraints or design it may be necessary to pierce down and form down. In this case the same sets of formers are used in reverse with the pre pierce keyhole mirrored to reflect the opposite geometry of the helix.

Types of Press tooling

Our tooling inserts fits most styles of press tooling with the press tooling falling into 2 main categories.

C.N.C Turret Tooling

This style of press tool is very popular due to its versatility and flexibility. There are many styles of machines and tools. If you require this type of tooling you will find that most turret tool suppliers can provide with the size of High torque Helix tooling you require. They will need to know the diameter of High Torque screws you wish to use, material thickness and the direction of form.

Wilson Tooling International UK

Tel. 0800 373 748
Fax. 0800 373 758

Mate Tooling Solutions Ltd

Tel. 0800 413 408
Fax. 0800 413 409

Amada United Kingdom Ltd

Tel. 01562 749 500
Fax. 01562 749 510

Alpunch Tooling Ltd

Tel. 01793 613185
Fax. 01793 642628

Fixed Tooling

Conventional high volume fixed tool can have High Torque tooling inserts fitted. This can be at the design stage or if appropriate retro fitted to existing tools. The forming inserts are the same as the C.N.C turret tooling with punches produced to the highest standard by A.W Precision. See contact details. Further technical guidance can be downloaded from our downloadspage.

AW Precision Ltd

Tel. 01788 542271
Fax. 01788 561256

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