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Innovation/ Testing and Development

A key part of the designs future is to develop the concept into further cost saving products.With the advent of new materials and techniques we are always looking to widen the designs use in as many applications as possible  Three examples of this is the creation of the spring steel front loading clip incorporating High Torque and the product now being used in stainless steel and aluminium.

In order ensure that development continues we work very closely with Swansea Metropolitan University act as a an independent third party producing test results and work on future blue sky developments such as Finite Element Analysis and new material investigation using state of the art software and equipment.


If required we are able to produce prototypes of your components with our sheet metal helix included. For further details contact one of our application engineers. Details on contacts page.


Independent Test Reports

Front loading clip Information

Our front loading clip brochure contains the basic information of how it works and its specification.

It can be downloaded here or just click on the image.

Independent Test Reports Downloads

Introduction to Testing

Pull-out load

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