The High Torque Product

The unique design of the High Torque Fastener System allows the screw thread to match material thickness. This gives maximum material engagement as seen below. The sheet metal helix compliments this buttress style thread creating geometric strength in the mother material being used enhancing its strength. The combination of these 2 specifically designed elements combine to create a very cost effective flexible joint. High Torque screws/bolts can be supplied in most sizes to suit particular material thickness bands.

See below a chart outlining the range of sizes that can be supplied with most head styles and drives available. See downloads page for more information.

Material Thickness Thread Diameters Available
Imperial UK Wire Metric Ø2.5 Ø3.0 Ø3.5 Ø4.0 Ø5.0 Ø6.0 Ø8.0 Ø10.0 Ø12.0 Ø14.0
0.020/0.024 25 0.5/0.6  X X X X X X
0.028/0.032 22/21 0.7/0.8 X X X X X X
0.036/0.040 20/19 0.9/1.0 X X X X X
0.043/0.047 18 1.1/1.2 X X X X X
0.051/0.055 17 1.3/1.4 X X X X X
0.059/0.063 16 1.5/1.6 X X X X X
0.067/0.071 15 1.7/1.8 X X X X
0.074/0.078 14 1.9/2.0 X X X X
0.093/0.099 13 2.4/2.5 X X X
Thread Diameters
Ø2.5 Ø3.0 Ø3.5 Ø4.0 Ø5.0 Ø6.0 Ø8.0 Ø10.0 Ø12.0 Ø14.0
Minimum Thread Length’s 4.5 5 6 7  8.5 10 15 20 25 25

Above Dimension’s for Fastener Length’s and Diameters are in Millimetres.

The tables above give a guide to the options available with High Torque Fastener Systems.

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