What happens if I don’t tighten it up properly?

It will come undone just like any other fastener. Within our technical information sheets the recommended tightening torques are listed. If required our application engineers can advise on specfic appilcations.

Can I have standard head styles and drive types?

Yes we are a screw manufacturing company and can manufacture most head styles and drives. For your convenience we manufacture the High Torque screws and bolts in a standard range that includes pozi pan, hex flange and pozi hex flange. Most sizes are in stock ready for call off.

Who can advise me with the tooling side of things?

We will work with your current tooling contractor/supplier and can recommend one that is familiar with the High Torque System. This includes C.N.C turret and fixed tooling.

How close can I bend the steel to the helix?

Bending Guidelines can be found within the Technical data sheet. Our technical guidance sheets can be found on the downloads page.

It doesn’t look as capable as a nut and bolt or sheet metal insert. Will it be strong enough for the job?

Yes the joint created by our system is durable and reusable. We enhance the geometric strength of the mother material combined with the complimentary High Torque thread form creating a strong flexible joint.

I currently use a material thickness outside the specified range and I want to use the High Torque System?

Contact us and our engineers will look into the application. In many cases material rationalisation along with updated design will allow for our product to be used successfully.

Will I be assisted during the design process?

Our application engineers can be involved with the design process at many levels. Our company will deploy the level of support you may need in all aspects of product conversion.

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